One Day Diet One Day Wafers Diet One Day - formerly named One Day Diet Wafers - are delicious, nutritious, come in four flavors; chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and butterscotch and they WORK!  We proudly boast that Diet One Day IS a fad diet.  It is not meant to be a lifestyle but a great option for losing fat and pounds quickly.

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We don't just sell you a fad diet.  We give you what you need to succeed with recipes and information to arm you for your weightloss war on fat.  See our Diet One Day site as well and read about One Day Protein in Whey, Egg and Vegan Plant Based Protein Powders as well. Save Save


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Diet One Day Tablets come in Chocolate, Strawberry, Butterscotch and Vanilla flavors. 2 size bottles: 100 or 200 Tablets, and for a limited time Day Packs. (60 more than other brands) So many size and flavor options make it easier to mix and match flavors and try them all. Pricing below.

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One Day Diet 200 size:
1 x 39.00
3 x 36.00 = $108.00

One Day Diet 100 size:
1 x 25.00
3 x 23.00 = $69.00

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Remember to see your choice of healthcare practitioner before making any changes of concern in your diet.
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